Subclass 887

Skilled Regional Visa / SC 887


Skilled Regional Visa subclass 887 enables converting the temporary or migratory status of the visitors into permanent ones. This visa helps obtain permanent residency in Australia without applying for any points-based test. It is applicable for candidates who 

  • hold an eligible visa 
  • have been living in a regional or designated area of Australia for at least two years
  • have been working in a regional or designated area of Australia for at least twelve months

The applicant must be present in Australia to apply for Skilled Regional Visa subclass 887.

What you get with the visa subclass 887

Skilled Regional Visa subclass 887 provides access to permanent stay in Australia and opens doors to study and work there. The visa makes you eligible to enroll in Medicare, Australia’s health care scheme, which covers your health-related matters. This visa permits you to sponsor your relatives in addition to making you eligible to apply for permanent citizenship in Australia.

Skilled Regional Visa subclass 887 lets you include the family members as ‘members of the family unit’ along with your application if they possess a temporary visa in Australia. There is also a provision for including your child born during your stay in Australia to apply for this visa.

How to apply for Skilled Regional Visa subclass 887?

The 887 Visa processing time takes 17 – 22 months.

  • Prior to application, check your passport’s validity.
  • Gather all the required documents like identity proof, relationship proof, character certificates, English language functional eligibility, dependents’ documents, etc. 
  • Apply for the visa online.
  • You might be provided with bridging visas if required after assessment.
  • Undergo health exams and other biometrics.
  • The outcome of your visa application will be notified through mail.

What if you want to apply for a longer stay?

Skilled Regional Visa subclass 887 is a permanent visa which means you are eligible to stay in Australia as long as you desire. But there is a cap on the travel time. The visa holders can travel in and out of Australia for five years through this visa. But citizenship can be easily achieved by following all the protocols within the first five years of obtaining this visa which solves the travel restrictions.

Eligibility to obtain the subclass 887 visa

To be eligible for this visa, you need to possess any one of the temporary visas like subclass 489, 495, 496, 475, or Bridging visa A or Bridging visa B, after having made a valid application for a subclass 489, 495 or 487 visa

The applicant should have also lived in a regional or designated area of Australia for at least two years or must have work experience of over 12 months in Australia. 

The applicant, along with their family members, should meet the health and character requirements as stated by the government of Australia. A character certificate of each of the family members should be provided. These certificates should be approved by the police of their country of residence. 

The applicant should clear all outstanding bills with the government of Australia prior to the application for this visa. All the applicants over the age of 18 should understand Australia’s values and sign the Australian values statement. This is a declaration that you will abide by the rules in Australia. 

The applicant should understand and speak the English language of functional efficiency. 

A few concessions may be allowed due to the COVID-19 situation.

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