Subclass 408

Temporary Activity Visa

The temporary activity visa – subclass 408 allows applicants to come to Australia for specific types of work on a short-term, temporary basis. The duration of the visa depends on the type of event you are applying for. 


What if you want to apply for a longer stay?

The application to extend your duration of stay with the subclass 408 visa is accepted at least 28 days before the validity expiry or a maximum of 28 days post expiry date. However, converting your 408 visa to permanent residency is currently not allowed. That being said, the stay duration can be extended if you are working in, or intending to work in, tourism and hospitality sectors.

Eligibility criteria

The visa is granted only if you are applying to visit Australia to participate in any activities mentioned above. This is the most important eligibility criteria.

Other criteria include

  • Have a supporter if you visit the place for a short duration, like three months or a sponsor if the duration exceeds six months.
  • The age restrictions of mentioned fields should be fulfilled respectively along with your health requirements.
  • You should also obtain health insurance from your home country.

The 408 visa is granted to carry out the following activities

To participate in events endorsed by the Australian Government

With a 408 visa, you are free to attend any event supported by the Government of Australia. Though this visa cost starts from $315, it is free for COVID-19 events. Thus, it is also referred to as a COVID19 pandemic visa.

To participate in religious activities

This visa permits you to work in a religious institution in Australia for a period of two years. It also allows your family to stay with you.

To perform research activities

The 408 visa allows you to be a part of the research team and study in any tertiary educational institute in Australia. The maximum duration of a permit is two years, and the processing time for the visa is over 8-10 months.

To take part in any event as an invited member

Many community-based events are organised in Australia. If you are invited to one of those events, a 408 visa is mandatory to take part in the event. The temporary visa for invited members is valid for three months, which is when the visitor can stay in Australia.

To visit the place as a part of a special program

Other nationals obtaining this visa can participate in special programs like educational institutes’ student exchange, language assistance, etc.

To take part in sports-related or entertainment-related activities

Sportspeople, coaches and trainers willing to participate in any sports events in Australia may also apply for this visa. Also, a performer, production or support staff can apply for this visa for taking part in entertainment activities, including film, television or live productions in Australia.
Other activities permitted through the temporary visa include staff exchange, working as a part of a superyacht crew, etc.

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