Subclass 491

Skilled Regional Visa

Overview of Costs

The visa charge for the main applicant starts from AUD 4,045. Extra charges will be incurred for each family member who applies for this visa.

You can compute the cost using the Visa Pricing Estimator.*

For any applicant 18 years or older, you might have to pay an additional charge, the second installment charge, if they have less than functional English. The second installment charge is AUD 4,890 and needs to be paid only once the Department of Home Affairs asked to do so.

*The Estimator does not include the second installment charge and other costs such as health checks, police certificates, and bio-metrics.

Visa Application Processing Time

Actual processing time varies depending on individual case and circumstances including:

  • whether all necessary documents have been lodged
  • your response time to any request for additional information
  • the time it requires to check on all the supporting information provided
  • the time it takes to receive all the additional information from external agencies, especially concerning health, character, and national security requirements.

Some Frequently asked questions

  • You can reside in the specified region in Australia for five years from the date the visa is granted.
  • You and your family members can work and study in the specified region.
  • You have multiple entries to Australia while the visa is valid.
  • You can apply for permanent residency provided you are eligible through the Skilled Regional visa (subclass 191) which starts on 16 November 2022. You can apply only if you held your subclass 491 visa for three years.

You will be eligible to apply for permanent residency through the Permanent Residence (Skilled Regional) visa (subclass 191) which starts on 16 November 2022 only if you have held your subclass 491 visa for three years.

With this visa, you cannot:

Valid for five years from the date the visa is granted. Status is temporary. This visa cannot be extended. You can explore visa options.

  • Members of the family unit can be included in your application.
  • You can include them while you submit your visa and add a dependent child after the submission but before the decision of the visa is declared.
  • Members must meet the Department of Home Affairs’ health and character requirements even the ones not accompanying you to Australia.
  • In case your partner or dependent children are not included in the application, please provide the reason.

This visa can be applied from in or outside Australia provided you are not in immigration clearance.

While applying for the visa, if you are in Australia, you must hold a substantive visa or a subclass 010 Bridge A visa, a subclass 020 Bridging B visa, or a subclass 030 Bridging C visa.

You will have the permission to enter Australia multiple times as long as your visa is valid and the time spent outside Australia will not extend your visa.


You and your family must abide by all Australian laws.

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Visa Label

It will be digitally linked to your passport.

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